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Lawrence & Leigh’s latest release from their EP Hills and Masts is the lush, dream-pop of Glow.

Painstakingly constructed using vintage instruments and subtle synths, the song begins with an exploratory intro built on overdubbed choirs of the duo’s voices before transforming into a beat heavy pop anthem and then ending in 1960s style indie jazz with driving piano, brushed drums and doo-wop backing vocals. It is another example of their consistently beautiful song craft – a sepia tinged snapshot of multilayered instrumentation and free-spirited harmonies. Wonderful.

The accompanying video is also well worth a viewing – it is a work of stunning visual art that brilliantly complements the shifting moods of the song. It features stop-motion animation and breathtaking desert scenes. We follow the protagonist, a puppet (manipulated so that his “still” face seems to somehow change expression appropriate to his situation), as he moves through a series of beautiful worlds, each with its own unique style and purpose.

Watch it here and then download below.


Visit their MySpace here.

Download Lawrence & Leigh – Glow mp3 (from Hills And Masts EP)

Download Lawrence & Leigh – Chelsea Nights mp3 (from Hills And Masts EP)

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