Solo Album from Phil Cook of Megafaun

Megafaun produced one of our favourite album’s of 2009 with Gather, Form And Fly and followed it up last year with the excellent Heretofore mini-album.

However, when Phil Cook isn’t touring the world with Megafaun, he’s on the porch. Specifically, the sunny porch of his North Carolina home, playing acoustic guitar while Willie, his loyal dog, lays by. New solo album, Hungry Mother Blues was recorded in a single day in the back room of Cook’s house, during a rare North Carolina ice storm. The immediacy, intimacy and intensity of the performances have little to hide behind, as every song incorporates a single instrument in all of its vulnerable glory (with the occasional addition of Cook’s tapping feet). Cook manages to draw out the emotional resonance of each instrument, with finger-picked compositions that sound like lost classics of the Southern musical canon.

Each song on Hungry Mother Blues is dedicated to someone in Cook’s life, whether it be a friend, a bandmate or even Cook’s unborn child. Devoid of lyrics, the songs function as instrumental love letters to the people around him.

Hungry Mother Blues was released on May 10 in Trekky Records’ signature 3-part package, including a 45RPM vinyl record, a CD and an MP3 download. Order it here.

Download Phil Cook & His Feat – Ballad Of A Hungry Mother mp3 (from Hungry Mother Blues)

Bonus Download Megafaun – Carolina Days mp3 (from Heretofore)

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