Video Round Up

A few videos that have caught our eyes and ears recently. Watch and grab some downloads below.

First up, Ale Mania have a nice line in sleazy guitars on Robust Universe.


Orange County quintet Young The Giant have unveiled a brand new ‘In The Open’ session video of their track Guns Out.


Milwaukee six-piece Collections of Colonies of Bees will release GIVING, their anticipated new album via Hometapes on August 2. This is Lawn from the record.


Her Vanished Grace make power dream pop with a side order of shoegaze. Think Ride and School Of Seven Bells and you’ll not be far away. This is Passenger.


Yesterday saw the release of Bag Of Meat, the raucous third album from MM faves The Victorian English Gentlemens Club. Here is the title track.


Boy Without God sent us a video for a brand new song, Slow Life. Two guitars, four voices, one rooftop at sunset. Nice!


Other Lives have released this pretty stunning effort for For 12, the first single from wonderful new album Tamer Animals.


Lastly, Space Baby is the first video from This Frontier Needs Heroes album The Future.


Download Boy Without God – Of Cowboys & Other Beautiful Men mp3 (from God Bless The Hunger)

Download Her Vanished Grace – Passenger mp3 (from See The Moon)

Download Her Vanished Grace – See The Moon mp3 (from See The Moon)

Download Young The Giant – My Body mp3

Download Other Lives – For 12 mp3 (from Tamer Animals)

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