Withered Hand Live In Oxford

Withered Hand Live In Oxford Withered Hand has been one of our favourite discoveries of recent times. His album Good News was a standout from 2009 and ever since then he has been near the top of the list of all the artists we would like to see live.

So it is good news indeed that he will be playing a gig in Oxford in a weeks time on Saturday 9th July at the Museum of Modern Art.

Withered Hand is the musical project of Edinburgh-based artist Dan Willson – a witty, anti-folk singer who has drawn favourable comparisons with Daniel Johnston, Viking Moses, John Darnielle, Palace Music, Neil Young and Jeffrey Lewis.

Following two EPs through Fence Records in Scotland, Good News is the band’s first album. It continues to gain endorsement from quarters as diverse as DJ and indie superstar Jarvis Cocker, alternative music legend Julian Cope and comedian Daniel Kitson.

He will be supported by Men Daimler. One of the most exciting, unpredictable (pure mental…) performers you’ll ever have the joy of witnessing. Joining the dots of traditional British folk-song, Sacred Harp-esq devotional blues, performance art and a hearty wit, Men Diamler’s live show is a thing of real beauty, something that sticks long in the memory.

Tickets can be got from here – come and join us and say hello. Buy us a drink even, it’ll be great!

Visit Withered Hand’s website here. Buy Good News here.

Download Withered Hand – Hard On mp3 (from Good News)

Download Withered Hand – Cornflake mp3 (from Good News)

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