Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Saturday (13th August)

Without wishing to dwell on the enormity of the wider social subjects of this week, I’m looking elsewhere for some lighter discussion points. Well the football season has begun. Another eight months of disappointment; of blame from the sprats (“Why did you have to be born in Sunderland and not Manchester?”); of wanting to put my hands around Steve Bruce’s throat. And squeeze VERY tightly. Oh. I can’t. Wait.

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Saturday (13th August). After missing Friday due to travelling back from our sunshine holiday in Ventnor, I was all too keen to dismiss Sunderland’s pre-season training in a TFI Saturday to a few laps of Greggs’ largest pie factory. But we have, for once, salvaged some semblance of dignity on the opening day of the season. There’s a long way to go and when, like me, you’ve based your fantasy football team selection on grudges, the choices are few and the opportunities to win fewer still. Lordy.

On to more musical pastures. Last week I wrote of Joe’s new musical ventures; I omitted to mention the name of his band (one man, I should add). Most remiss of me. The inspirational Gibbons and Gorillas penned another tune this week: The Sea Can’t Take Me. He is also writing another: The Smallest Man on Earth. No prizes for guessing whose music he’s loving at the moment.

We’re off to the Wilderness Festival tomorrow. At last, the chance to see Laura Marling perform live. Can’t wait. And most of the MM crew will be there too. Happy days.

Mrs Mackerel

A hidden gem, or perhaps forgotten treasure. The man with a voice like Guinness. Who else, but the very marvellous, Mr Richard Hawley.

Download Richard Hawley – Precious Sight mp3 (from Late Night Final)

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