Introducing…Lydia Loveless

On September 13th, the 21 year-old singer/guitarist Lydia Loveless will be releasing her Bloodshot debut, Indestructible Machine.

Lydia grew up on a farm in Coshocton OH, a small weird town with nothing to do but make music. So she did, starting off by playing bass in her sister’s band at age 14.

She cites Hank Sr, Hank III, Richard Hell, Charles Bukowski, Loretta Lynn, Britney Spears and Lydia’s musically inclined family as her big inspirations. The results are an album that combines country classicism with punk rock candor – sometimes within the same song. Take a listen to the bristling attitude and tense stubbornness of Can’t Change Me – in fact, be it whiskey, men, god or alienation, Lydia takes them all on; they may kick, but she kicks back and, even though she stands 5′ tall, when the barstools start flying, you will probably want her on your side.

Download Lydia Loveless – Can’t Change Me mp3 (from Indestructible Machine)

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