Return Of The Migrant

Return Of The Migrant. The album Travels In Lowland by The Migrant was one of those that came out of nowhere last year and ended up being one of our favourites (see our Albums of the Year post for 2010 here).

So we were delighted to find out that The Migrant (aka Bjarke Bendtsen) has returned with a new album Amerika, which gets a release on October 25th. Departing somewhat from the airy Danish seaside of Travels in LowlandAmerika occupies the spare, vast spaces of the American landscape with beautiful, sprawling, acoustic melodies that faintly evoke America’s rich folk heritage. The album is constantly in motion, freely traversing barren guitar solos and harmonized mountains of instrumentation, navigated by Bendtsen’s unmistakeably heartfelt, lyrical styling.

Given recent events, it is not a little spooky then that the first taste of the record should come in the shape of The Hurricane. Distinguished by a slow blues refrain, handclaps and a mournful vocal, it is one of those tunes that sounds like it has been around forever and there is probably no greater praise that we can give it – Amerika has just leapfrogged to the top of our ‘most anticipated’ lists.

Download The Migrant – The Hurricane mp3 (from Amerika)

And in case you missed it…

Download The Migrant – The Organ Grinder mp3 (from Travels In Lowland)

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