Introducing…The Hunting Accident

Introducing...The Hunting Accident. Just before we left for the End of the Road Festival, we received a lovely 7″ single in the mail – with a cover made of wood. It was from a band called The Hunting Accident who consist of members of Arlo (Sub Pop), Piebald, and Burning Brides, and this is their first release on The New Black label.

Consisting of four tracks of quality indie rock that call to mind the Pavement heyday in an entirely good way without being derivative. Their sound, together with some no frills guitar that give the songs room to breathe, gives a result that is both confident and uniformly good. We’re looking forward to hearing what these boys do next.

Check out their Bandcamp here to download the rest of the tracks from the single. Check the record label website for details of purchasing the vinyl.

Download The Hunting Accident – Big Mistake mp3 (from The Hunting Accident 7″)

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