Introducing…Benjamin Shaw

Introducing...Benjamin Shaw. Benjamin Shaw is one of those people you immediately know really does see the world differently from just about everyone else. It is a rare gift to have and one I think many artists aspire to, or try hard to convince all and sundry that they possess, but a genuinely fresh take on the everyday is hard to fake all of the time. With Mr Shaw, it is clearly natural, an instinctive thing that turns his sparse, mumbled, cracked piano-led folkish tunes into something genuinely special and original.

We first became aware of him as the brilliantly distinctive sleeve artist for the latest release by Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, which led us on to his EP I’ve Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I’ve Got and from there onto his back catalogue of singles and EPs.

The good news is that Benjamin Shaw’s debut album proper, There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabaret is out November 21st. Leading single Somewhere Over the M6 is quite a departure from the previous EP, and you can listen to it now as well as grab a gem or two from his earlier work below.

Pre-order the album via Bandcamp here.

Download Benjamin Shaw – When I Fell Over In The City mp3 (from I’ve Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I’ve Got EP)

Download Benjamin Shaw – Sometimes I Fear My Head Might Explode mp3 (from Rumfucker, available for “name your price” download here)

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