Return Of The Whalers

Return Of The Whalers. We loved The Whalers first EP How The Ship Goes Down so it was good news to discover they released a new EP, Paddle Easy, yesterday.

Paddle Easy is another varied, five-song release that demonstrates the bands growing aptitude for creating diverse music within the rock and roll genre, from the surf-inspired Cheat on Each Other, to the elegance of I’m a Pixel in Your Picture, to the hypnotic (and our favourite) Lighthouse (featuring Arum Rae Valkonen of another MM favourite, White Dress), and all the way back to the hard-nosed modern rockers Vagenda and title track Paddle Easy.

You can buy now for $5 from their Bandcamp page here, or from November 25th they will begin releasing physical CDs as well as distributing the album more widely online via Tunecore.  In the US, CDs will be available for purchase  at Waterloo, End of an Ear, Friends of Sound, and hopefully some other places.

Download The Whalers – Lighthouse mp3 (from Paddle Easy EP)

And don’t miss out on this one either…

Download The Whalers – That Rabbit mp3 (from How The Ship Goes Down)

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