A Couple We Missed: Apteka & The Beautiful View

As the end of the year fast approaches, we have been replaying songs, re-evaluating albums, and generally preparing for our ‘Best Of 2011’ posts in all their various forms. What this means in practical terms is that we are discovering (sometimes to our shame, and sometimes to our horror) songs we meant to have posted or should have posted, but for some inexplicable reason we never did.

First amongst these are two relatively recent crackers from Apteka and The Beautiful View.

A Couple We Missed: Apteka & The Beautiful View. The former is a brilliant example of a modern day, rip roaring, shoegazer’s anthem with a buzzsaw riff that comes across like the feral lovechild of Golden Earring’s Radar Love and Spacemen 3’s Revolution. Throw in some tribal drums, and soaring vocals and you have one top notch track. It comes from new album Gargoyle Days.

A Couple We Missed: Apteka & Beautiful View. The latter is a band based in San Diego and offer a nice line in jerky, angular art-rock reminiscent of raw, early Talking Heads or latter day Bloc Party. The Horseman comes from debut album Life Is Beautiful (out in January) and is a great example of their taut, intense songwriting. Recommended.

Download Apteka – Striking Violet mp3 (from Gargoyle Days)

Download The Beautiful View – The Horseman mp3 (from Life Is Beautiful)

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