New From Simone Felice

New From Simone Felice. New York is the spellbinding new single by Simone Felice. However, it is not just the song itself, which comes from his forthcoming solo album and is undeniably a gem, but the back story that goes with it.

On his own website there is the most incredible, and beautifully written, account (originally commissioned by The Guardian newspaper) of how he has twice been on the brink of dying, once as a 12 year old boy and once aged 33, a month before his daughter Pearl was due to be born.

It is, dare we say, a true tale for Christmas…

Read it here. Visit his website here. Pre-order the new record here (it comes with a handmade, signed poetry print and includes an instant download of the album’s first song Hey Bobby Ray, a mesmeric choral track about abuse and retribution featuring The Felice Brothers and a girls’ choir, the Catskill High School Trebleaires).

In the meantime you can watch and then download New York below.



Simone Felice will play the Bush Hall in London on April 27 next year. Tickets here.

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