Bats Pajamas Ready Second Album

Bats Pajamas Ready New Album.

Last summer we featured the slightly unhinged proto-garage of Toronto’s The Bats Pajamas and a track from their Steve Albini produced self-titled debut album.

They have just finished recording the follow-up, which they are hoping to get released shortly. We have a couple of tasters in the shapes of videos and downloads for Red Scared and Sarai. Pleased to report the levels of unhingedness are unchanged.

Watch. Download. Listen. Jump around. Enjoy.



Download The Bats Pajamas – Red Scared mp3

Download The Bats Pajamas – Sarai mp3

And from the debut (buy here from Bandcamp).

Download The Bats Pajamas – Downtown Nitty Gritty mp3 (from The Bats Pajamas)

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