Mad Mackerel Recommends…Guy Capecelatro III

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Guy Capecelatro III.

Singer-songwriter Guy Capecelatro III is a prolific singer-songwriter, musical collaborator and author. He has opened for Low, Smog, Elliot Smith, The Mommyheads, Pearl and the Beard, Vic Chesnutt and has played in many bands over the years, including Unbunny, South China, Toast, Northern, and The Buckets. Capecelatro’s songs are folky, utilizing a wide array of unique sounds, instruments and voices. His lyrics are literary and offer fleeting glimpses into many worlds.

His latest album, North for the Winter, draws on a lifetime of travelling and experience – Capecelatro and his mother travelled through 47 states before he reached first grade – the result is a collection of songs that are about moving, but in a specific direction. It will be released on February 21.

A storyteller in the best sense of the word, he weaves songs and tales with all the panache and confidence of a musical Rumpelstiltskin where meanings need to be carefully considered and words dart and swirl like fog around you. Our taster track is, on this occasion, a rather more straight forward offering with descriptive lyrics that paint a sad but clear picture of the breakdown of a relationship, Like Anything is as much a carefully constructed poem as it is a song. There are no wasted words, and each one is sung in a minimal, whispering voice similar to Elliott Smith’s. This voice is accompanied by sparse instrumentation, including a haunting saw, creating a mood that is beautifully sombre.

Download  Guy Capecelatro III – Like Anything mp3 (from North For The Winter)

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