Big Bee Of The Whitetree has been a busy bee…

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Folk, Indie, Music, Pop
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BigBee of the Whitetree has been a busy bee...

Sorry that is a terrible title for a post.

Anyway, last summer we introduced you to the laid back, and sunnily optimistic folk of BigBee of the Whitetree via his debut EP Fairytale Dust.

He has been busy since then – very busy and we have two new projects to tell you about.

Firstly, just a couple of weeks ago he released a full album titled The Age Of Reflection, which you can order via his website here. It is another lovely, happy-go-lucky excursion into singer-songwriter and folk territory and thankfully he has managed to retain the promise and charm he showed on the EP over the course of an whole album.

So relax, shrug off the exertions of the day and wallow in the gentle strings and charm of Know Your Way.

Download BigBee of the Whitetree – Know Your Way mp3 (from The Age of Reflection)

However, that is not all. He also has revealed the fruits of a seven year project called Cog Breaker. He describes it thus:

On December 1, 2004, Matthew J. BigBee finished work on a nine song album. He left the mastering studio with the only copy of the finished album. Upon arriving home Matthew sealed the album in a box. Inspired by spiritual fervor and ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, he decided that this music should wait seven years before sharing it with the public. 

This musical project was at the time unlike anything Matthew had ever done before. He would start the day swimming in the cold ocean at dawn and then ingest large amounts of cannabis. Next it was time to head into an old farmhouse (one of the oldest in New England) and start playing with sound.

The result is a sound best described as dark & hypnotic showcasing a vocal journey into Matthew’s sub-conscious. A fiery mad-man determined to fight against the internal struggle of humanity. Matthew is out to conquer the inner demons by way of a musical warrior. Like wine & cheese, for seven years, the songs sat waiting. Now they make their way out to be consumed, rejected, accepted, criticized, and shared.”

The full release of the album is expected in spring. Until then watch the video for Live As One (Babylon Has Fallen)…it is quite a contrast!


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