Mad Mackerel Recommends…Hookworms

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Hookworms.

I noticed the name Hookworms in the singles review of this month’s Uncut magazine and the references to Spectrum and Wooden Shjips as well as a ringing endorsement from Sun Araw’s Cameron Stallones made it a definite to investigate further.

So, one download from eMusic later and we’re swaying along to the stoned grooves and blissed out hypnotics that this Leeds five piece provide so excellently on their self-titled EP.

Take a listen to I Have Some Business Out West from the EP, and treat yourself to a couple of tracks from their BBC session which are free to download. Then go and get the full EP from eMusic here.




Elsewhere on the blog, we are still experiencing Bandwidth issues with other downloads so you can’t get anything from us other than via the Soundcloud or Bandcamp links at the moment. We are trying to get this sorted as quickly as possible. Sorry!

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