Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (10th February)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (10th February). Bang on the money this week: gin in hand, more snow outside, Andy Williams is playing…

You know that feeling (maybe?) that you just want something to dance to that your Dad used to play on vinyl when you were small… I still have the moves, Pops: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, followed by a bit of Moon River.

Anyway, enough of that. You can just hear that needle ripping across the record… focus, focus.

This week I’m enjoying Cate Le Bon’s Puts Me to Work (should be my anthem), Sneak Into My Room by James Levy and the Blood Red Rose, and Tom Williams & the Boat’s My Bones, interspersed with a hefty dose of Mr Lanegan’s latest offering, naturally.

Back to the kitsch and my own kind of revelry in the kitchen: dancing on my own!

Enjoy your Friday!

Mrs Mackerel

Download Cate Le Bon – Puts Me To Work mp3 (from CYRK)

Download Mark Lanegan – The Gravedigger’s Song (from Funeral Blues)

Download Galaxie 500 – Snowstorm mp3 (from On Fire)

Download Andy Williams – Moon River mp3 (from Moon River & Other Great Movie Themes)


Get Tom Williams single My Bones from their website here.

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