It’s Valentines Day…

Valentine's Day Covers Mix.

It’s Valentines Day. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny it. I will, of course, effortlessly be showing Mrs M just what a lucky catch I was.

And for the rest of you, by way of a massively contrived link, let us cover you with love too. Here is a tasty little mix of covers we’ve picked up to follow on from yesterday’s Bad Moon Rising post, just don’t expect them to be all loved-up now will you.

First up is a sublime cover of Neil Young’s classic Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) by the Chromatics (who have also done great versions of I’m On Fire and Running Up That Hill), simply titled Into The Black it is from forthcoming album Kill For Love.

Download The Chromatics – Into The Black mp3 (from Kill For Love)

Download The Chromatics – I’m On Fire mp3 (from Studio Sketches)

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak is an enormously popular song to cover – the latest is by melodic indie-popsters the Exlovers.

Download Exlovers – Wicked Game mp3 (Chris Isaak cover)

We also have Besnard Lakes taking on Syd Barrett’s Love You and John Grant’s version of the Beatles Two Of Us from the Let It Be album. We have another from the recent Mojo cover disc of Leonard Cohen reworkings – this time Field Music’s Suzanne. We have more Neil Young in the shape of Alabama from the Smoke Fairies and we have George Harrison’s Long Long Long by Lanterns On The Lake and Floyd’s Wish You Were Here by Lia Ices.

Download Besnard Lakes – Love You mp3 (Syd Barrett Cover)

Download John Grant – Two Of Us mp3 (Beatles Cover)

Download Field Music – Suzanne mp3 (Leonard Cohen Cover)

Download The Smoke Fairies – Alabama mp3 (Neil Young Cover)

Download Lanterns On The Lake – Long Long Long mp3 (George Harrison Cover)

Download Lia Ices – Wish You Were Here mp3 (Pink Floyd Cover)

Our third Neil Young cover comes courtesy of Deer Tick’s John McCauley (via Rollo & Grady) and is his typically gruff take on Out On The Weekend.

Download John McCauley – Out On The Weekend mp3 (Neil Young Cover, Rollo & Grady Session)

Conversations with our friend Ronan of Oxford’s local music paper Nightshift this weekend bought to mind the gone, but not forgotten, krautrock inspired indie of the wonderful Th’ Faith Healers. This is their suitably noisy cover of Abba’s S.O.S. from one of their many Peel Sessions.

Download Th’ Faith Healers – S.O.S. mp3 (from The Peel Sessions)

And finally on this day of love and romance we leave you to your candlelight and roses, or to your tissues and bitterness with Ingrid Michaelson’s cover of Radiohead’s Creep!

Download Ingrid Michaelson – Creep mp3 (Radiohead Cover)

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