The Return Of Tu Fawning

The Return Of Tu Fawning.

Tu Fawning are one of those bands that defy conventional descriptions. Following their acclaimed debut Hearts On Hold, comparisons varied wildly from Portishead to Tom Waits to the Liars and even Jay Z.

What is obvious is their love and flair for both the antique and the modern, for big band jazz and crooners of the 20s, for hip hop and rap, for Hawaiian and folk rhythms and for vaudeville theatre through to classic psychedelia. All is absorbed, stretched and experimented with, and what comes out of this eclectic mix is eerie, twisted and taut, and where, for once, the adjectives ghostly and otherworldly are not applied lazily.

First track is seven minutes plus of throbbing, pulsating, slow burning tension over which ethereal, exotic vocals and tribal percussion ebbs and flows. Grab it below.

A Monument is out on May 7th (Europe) and May 15th (USA) via City Slang.

Download Tu Fawning – Bones mp3 (from A Monument)

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