Introducing >>> Belle Adair

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

Introducing...Belle Adair.

Belle Adair began as a weekend recording project between four friends living in different Alabama cities. About a year ago they self-released an eponymous, six song EP, on which you’ll find slow-building songs composed of a diverse set of instruments and sounds. Over twenty minutes, the band moves from the airy acoustic folk of No Reply to the swirling, suite-like Happy to Pretend.

Now they are preparing the release of a split 7″ single with The Bear via Speak/Sing Records. Their contribution is the rather poignant and gently affecting Shakin’ Dead.

Listen to the new single below and buy the vinyl here. Head to their Bandcamp page here to get their self-titled EP for a ‘pay what you want’ deal.


Download Belle Adair – No Reply mp3 (from Belle Adair EP)

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