Tuesday Means Eight Of The Best

Tuesday Means Eight of the Best!Here is another in our semi regular round-ups of new tracks that have found their way into our iTunes library via our inbox, some of our favourite blogs, and the internet. So eight artists and ten tracks to check out. Jump in. Be our guest. Have a browse. Pick and choose. Take what you want. Its all yours.

Let us start with one of our favourite tracks of the moment: the throbbing garagey guitars of Worship You by Colleen Green together with a bonus second track from new album Milo Goes To Compton, the slightly sweeter Goldmine. In a similar vein we have the more visceral, pulsating industrial punk riffing of Band In Heaven and a track from their self-titled 7″ called Sleazy Dreams.  Next up is reunited fuzz-popsters Black Tambourine offering up their cover of the Ramones’ What’s Your Game.

Sonny Smith of Sonny & The Sunsets and latterly of his 100 Records series will release Volume 3 next month. This cut has him performing under the moniker Danny Dusk & The Twilights and with a name like that, what else could he do but deliver a sound that could have been directly appropriated from the 60s. Give in to the urge to spark the joss-sticks as he howls mournfully over a chugging guitar and organ swirls.

Jim From The Moon plays acoustic tunes about girls, the devil, and similar distractions. They flow in the vein of Loudon Wainwright III and Neil Young, sung with a voice soaked in years of Irish storytelling. Other times he expels far-out electric rock which is primal and spaceward, with hints of Hendrix’s blues. This cut, a heartfelt ode to the consequences of self-harming called Alarms comes from the former camp. Meanwhile singer-songwriter Jordan Bolton belies his tender years and hints at a pretty substantial talent with new offering Love Was Always Cruel, It Just Wasn’t Cruel To Me with its easygoing rhythm and vocal nod to the National.

The Dirty Names offer a welcome excursion into classic rock, all bar-room blues swagger and greased up riffs with Puppy Love, and finally we have the effortlessly beautiful indie rock and dream pop of Boston four-piece Drifterswift with two spacey, slightly fuzzy and 100% bona fide ear worms from forthcoming EP The Rule of Twelfths.

I know, I know. You’re welcome…

Download Colleen Green – Worship You mp3 (from Milo Goes To Compton)

Download Colleen Green – Goldmine mp3 (from Milo Goes To Compton)

Download Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams mp3 (from Sleazy Dreams 7″)

Download Black Tambourine – What’s Your Game mp3 (from OneTwoThreeFour EP)

Download Danny Dusk & The Twilights – Life Ain’t Clear mp3 (from Sonny Smith’s 100 Records Vol. 3)

Download Jim From The Moon – Alarms mp3 (from I Am Going To Steal You EP)

Download Jordan Bolton – Love Was Always Cruel, It Just Wasn’t Cruel To Me mp3

Download The Dirty Names – Puppy Dog mp3 (from)

Download Drifterswift – Rule Of Twelfths mp3 (from The Rule Of Twelfths EP)

Download Drifterswift – Can’t Fight Me mp3 (from The Rule Of Twelfths EP)

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