Live Review: Dennis Hopper Choppers

Live Review: Dennis Hopper Choppers.

Review: Chris T Popper

It was with some excitement Banner, Boney B (shouldn’t that be M?), Dr Roddy and myself made our way to the Jericho Tavern in Oxford to catch Dennis Hopper Choppers playing live in our own backyard

Opening with MM fave Good To Me we stood transfixed as he delivered a near perfect rendition of what we already consider a classic. In a small but perfectly formed venue the vocal and melody meant we occasionally looked at each other and could only grin with smug contentment.  Despite the fact he opened with our favourite tune it was followed by a stunning set.

Encouraging everyone to get to the front while dedicating Don’t Run From Me to the people hiding round the corner (shame!) we were treated to the full DHC repertoire.  The band were excellent, delivering a barnstorming performance but the focus never wavered from the vocals of Ben Nicholls.

A break in tempo saw the marvellous Blue given an airing as well as being treated to Girl Walked Out Of Town and All Could Come True.

Finishing off with the sublime The Ballad of Fu Manchu And The Red Bride the gig finished on another high. I literally stood watching and at the ripe old age of 38 thought “I want to be doing that” as my thoughts drifted off once again to learning an instrument… Unfortunately there isn’t much call for Kazoo players.

So to sum up… it was one of those that I’ll reminisce about with the other Mackers until the cows come home. In fact after a MM team talk we rated this as one of the best live performances we’ve been to for a while. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Ben after the gig and he was particularly accommodating when we spent an age trying to get a photo in the gloom.

I went out knowing it would be good but it passed ‘good’ like the sad adjective it is. I had a brilliant time (despite being pulled over by Dibble on my way home!). I didn’t have the heart to reply when asked why I was doing 60mph in a 30mph zone was to ‘get away from you’. I’m with Smiley Culture but the bastards gave me ‘a producer’ anyway.

Well I saw the flashing blue lights and instinct told me to run…


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