Thursday Means Six More Of The Best

Thursday Means Six More Of The Best!

Been a little while since we’ve rounded up a few of the best tunes that have found their way into our iTunes library recently. So, here is a great way to kick off your Thursday with six tracks gathered from our in-box and our favourite blogs.

First up is the brooding psych-rock of Creepoid and a slow burning track from Horse Heaven called Dream Out. Next, some wonderfully scrappy punk from Nu Sensae, and thirdly we have the first taste of Grass Widow’s planned new album Internal Logic in the shape of Goldilocks Zone.

We’ve posted the high octane garage glam of the Burnt Ones before and new single Meet The Golden One doesn’t disappoint, meanwhile Taffy’s bubble-gum style fuzzed up psych-pop is also a delight – try out Haah for proof.

Lastly we have a short, but pastorally sweet track of typically sun-dappled Americana from Woods from their new split with Amps For Christ.

Download Creepoid – Dream Out mp3 (from Horse Heaven)

Download Nu Sensae – Gumbo mp3 (from Tea Swamp Park EP)

Download Grass Widow – Goldilocks Zone mp3 (from Internal Logic)

Download Burnt Ones – Meet The Golden One mp3 (from Meet The Golden One 7″)

Download Taffy – HaaH mp3 (from Caramel Sunset)

Download Woods – Wind Was The Wine mp3 (from Woods / Amps For Christ split 7″)

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