Introducing >>> HOboken Division

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Alternative, Blues, Garage, Music, Rock

Introducing...Hoboken Division.

The curiously named HOboken Division are a French delta-blues/garage duo that recently released their self-titled debut EP via Bandcamp.

Their description of their music as ‘the wedding of blues and rock in the sludge’ gives fair warning of what to expect. This is sleazy, rapacious stuff evoking the long dead spirits of the bluesmen and of greasy, out-for-kicks rock ‘n’ rollers. But that’s not all – there is a backdrop of more sultry garage rock and even a nod to the more modern age with a shoegaze undertone to a couple of the tracks.

Time to dust off your Dad’s flick-knife and join these two in doing some damage…

Listen to Sugardaddy below or click here to buy the EP as a download or physical CD.


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