Win Win Cover Crass

Win Win Cover Crass.

In the 1980s Crass, and their whole anarchist commune collective, was a huge influence on my safe, rural, middle-class upbringing and made me aware of political issues and wider moral injustices that I may otherwise never have been. For that reason alone I will always have a fondness for them and the many bands like Zounds, Conflict, The Mob and others that appeared on their label.

That said, Crass covers don’t come along too often (Jeffrey Lewis excepted), and so hearing this one of Walls given a electronic dance makeover by Win Win from their Ones And Zeros EP was a treat in more ways than one. Have a listen below and compare it to the original and the Jeffrey Lewis version too if the fancy takes…

Buy the Ones And Zeros EP from iTunes here.


Download Crass – Walls mp3 (from Stations Of The Crass)

Download Jeffrey Lewis – Walls mp3 (from 12 Crass Songs)

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