More From The Shrouded Strangers

More From The Shrouded Strangers.

We’ve already posted a couple of times about The Shrouded Strangers following our discovery of Featherbed, a skuzzy slacker anthem that is nothing less than a glorious amalgam of surf guitars, krautrock rhythms and fuzzed up hillbilly stomp.

It comes from new album Lost Forever, a sputtering fever-dream of disembodied pop tunes and psych sing-alongs that comes out a mere 13 years after their debut – apparently they got ‘sidetracked’. Mostly it features bewildered characters drifting through surreal, hallucinogenic story- songs, all tied together by a consistently damaged pop undercurrent – just the sort of thing we love. It is an exceedingly weird, sinisterly catchy, and thrillingly good record.

The album is released on May 22nd, and they have made a second track available, a wonderfully woozy sketch of childhood madness called (Don’t Look At The) Pink Lightning.

You have been warned.

Download The Shrouded Strangers – (Don’t Look At The) Pink Lightning mp3 (from Lost Forever)

Download The Shrouded Strangers – Featherbed mp3 (from Lost Forever)

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