New Single From The Boombox Hearts

New Single from The Boombox Hearts.

Thoroughly enjoying this, the first taste from the Boombox Hearts debut album. It’s called 100 (The Latest Flame), and it’s very much pop the 60s way with some noisy indie-style guitars (and yes, the title’s a reference to Elvis!).

According to the band, “basically, it’s about: pop, love, a girl perhaps named Marie, cigarettes and wine and the Isle of Wight“, a winning combination in anyone’s book as far as we’re concerned. Download it below.

You can also get their Monte Carol EP via Bandcamp here or check out their blog here.

Download The Boombox Hearts – 100 (The Latest Flame) mp3 (from 100 (The Latest Flame) single)

Also check out a couple of previous releases, the gloriously downbeat, melancholy of C.H.P.L. and a stunning, sparse cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Cover Me that does the Boss proud!



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