Introducing >>> Wild Leaves

Introducing...The Wild Leaves.

This post is about the single biggest reason we blog – for that wonderful moment when you get a discovery of a new band.

A new band like Wild Leaves.

The band’s e-mail simply said, “We are 5 friends who moved to Brooklyn, from the midwest. That distance is recalled in our songs. Each one, a look back at what we left behind. The sound is something nostalgic, something with history – like a record rediscovered in your attic. The hazy melodies and washed-out reverb recall memories not yet lost.

The tracks, Sister and Drifter were recorded this past winter in whatever kitchen, bedroom, or living room we could set up a mic in. They are homemade, handmade, with love from Wild Leaves.”

Both tracks are utterly wonderful. Evocative and poignant, the notes sweetly swirling around the room like dust mites in the sunlight. Both songs have a timeless quality – as though the stories they tell and the gorgeous melodies they offer could have been hummed on back porches for decades gone by.

Take me down to the river
let the current wash me over
Tell my mother that I miss her
Tell my father I’ve gone missing

Treat yourself to both below and keep your ears peeled for more from Wild Leaves.

Download The Wild Leaves – Sister mp3 (from Sister)

Download The Wild Leaves – Drifter mp3 (from Sister)

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