Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (17th August)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (17th August).

A whirlwind week began with the Wilderness Festival (thanks Ronan) and ended with my liver feeling like it needs to be squeezed out and dried on the radiator.

We have returned from Devon today in the pouring rain from five days with 38 big and small people in an Agatha Christie style house, where the sun shone and at times the rain poured down. There was a mass lake jump, a talent show and a custard pie fight. One night we played Blankety Blank in the style of Fifty Shades of Grey… although thankfully none of us had read it. Yet.

We ate like kings, drank like bastards, and laughed like drains. We all made the effort. I’ve known some of these people nearly 25 years and I hope that I at least know them for at least the same again.

My find of the Wilderness Festival was the Keston Cobblers’ Club and it seems so perfectly right to leave you with my song of the week (even though we posted it not so long ago) because it’s just lovely and it brings a tear to my fishy eye.

See I’m proud, to call you my friend and I know it’s not perfect, but at least there’s no end.

Apparently, they’re no good with words. But sometimes when you’re no good with words, a song will do just fine.

Mrs Mackerel x

Something old… and something new: for Devon, and forever ago.

Download Death By Crimpers – Obsessive mp3 (from Obsessive 7″)

Download Keston Cobblers’ Club – For Words mp3 (from One, For Words)


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