Live Review: The Wilderness Festival (Day 3)

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Day three and more sun, surely one the only sequences of three whole days without rain that we’ve had all summer. Despite 14,000 pairs of feet, the estate still looked rather fine and the spirit of village-green good naturedness was still at the forefront of everything. On the bandstand the Keston Cobblers’ Club provided the perfect soundtrack for the setting with a gorgeous set of gentle folk that bodes very well for their forthcoming album.

Elsewhere Grant Lee Buffalo’s reformation and return was met with a set that was straining at the leash to recreate past glories – no freewheelin’ here and they played as though lives depended on it, much to the appreciation of the audience who were then soothed back into a state of soporific calm by the reflective words and strummed chords of singer-songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

A peculiarly short cameo set from Giant Giant Sand was sweet enough, but perhaps wasn’t even long enough to leave us wanting more, which we would surely have done based on the evidence of the latest record. Then as the sun set and Spiritualized took the stage we were treated to a glorious set of epic, gospel tinged psychedelia that matched the surroundings perfectly – from the opening riffs of Hey Jane via to the closing pulsating Take Me To The Other Side via the mortality questioning classics of Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space and Soul on Fire it was another stand out set in a weekend of such delights.

And lastly Wilco, clearly enjoying themselves and mixing up “a bunch of mellow stuff” before proclaiming “let’s dance”, the set was bursting with back catalogue classics and classics to be. Overcoming a mid-set tendency for some extended guitar histrionics the sublime Handshake Drugs was perhaps the song of the weekend whilst closer A Shot In The Arm pushed it close.

The darkness fell and still smiling, still cheering the crowds departed for tents and dancing whilst we, a little smugly, strolled up the hill to our own beds!

Download Keston Cobblers’ Club – For Words mp3 (from One, For Words)

Download Giant Giant Sand – Detained mp3 (from Tucson)

Download Wilco – I Might mp3 (from The Whole Love)




2 thoughts on “Live Review: The Wilderness Festival (Day 3)

  1. @madmackerel. Can I ask what you thought of the Pela album I recommended to you a few weeks ago in the We Are Augustines concert review?

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