Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (7th September)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (7th September).

Well she doesn’t dribble anymore, but perhaps that will start again with the advancement of teenage years after one shandy too many – who knows?! Daughter sprat swam to big school this week with a song in her heart (one from King Charles, actually) and a spring in her step, in her hugely positive and wholly optimistic way. I miss her already.

Little Sprat and I are left to sing our way to school on our lonesome – “When I was a child/My mother said to me/You can’t spend all your days alone/In the shade of a cherry tree” – who else but his beloved Felice Brothers? The School Run Anthem contest is hotting up for 2012…

A busy weekend for me, and one in which I need to take the most enormous run-up to get through. Thus I write this at six, with gin and a gimlet, not Dumfries style, for I wish to make it through the evening. Tomorrow sees the last of my old gang celebrate the passing of a certain age, so I’m off to a hut in the middle of nowhere to mourn the passing of time in the much honoured fashion, with a lovely bunch who saw me through my formative years and whom I love dearly.

Following that late night, I shall swim across the water with tall Jenny Wren to spend the day at Bestival just to see Sigur Ros. All hail our devotion to the cause. Shame we couldn’t be better at booking the ferry as we must swim back in the middle of the night, grab two hours sleep before getting up for the school run. Bring on the Lavazza, I will be delirious, giggly and probably dribbly.

I smelled autumn in the air this week: fresh and sharp and Donne.

But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep

Mrs Mackerel x

PS Dan Mangan: now in the pocket of Mrs Mackerel faves. I suggest you put him in your pocket too.

Download Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

Download The Felice Brothers – Lincoln Continental mp3 (from God Bless You Amigo)

Download King Charles – Love Lust mp3 (from Mississippi Isabel EP)

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