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Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (11th January)

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu … you know the rest. I’m off to skip over the mountains, Swiss Outpost, but I do promise to Skype…

Anyway (surely one of my favourite refrains?), it’s a New Year and time for me to bid goodbye to TFI and my Friday night soubriquet. With a few gig dates already booked for the months ahead, I may get the opportunity to reprise the Mrs Mackerel mantel at some later date, who knows.  Anyway parking the sadness of the last few weeks temporarily to one side, and wishing to leave TFI on a typically frothy and fatuous note, I wracked my brains to a few weeks back when I did indeed feel like the heady combination of a cappuccino with a copy of Hello!, and recalled a rather silly exchange at a Christmas party.

Having swum in fashionably late, as is my want, I was sober and drink-wise, considerably far behind many of the gathering. Hey ho, not to worry I thought, as I sidled out with the smokers to catch up with the High Priestess herself. It was quite a posse actually and predominately female, but one male voice piped up: “So then girls (a term always appreciated with my advancing years), what do you find attractive in a man?” The words “lamb” and “slaughter” sprang to mind… HP and I could barely conceal our amusement and commenced thus.

Firstly, “Bob” a sense of humour is a must, we said. Laughing. Next, I added: nice arms – there is nothing attractive about a man I feel I could arm wrestle and BEAT! Bit of giggling. Also, Bob, good dentistry is a must; typically English stained, crooked teeth are a massive turn-off. Bob stops smiling. And dress sense, we said, smiling sweetly, looking him up and down, or should we put height next? Six foot plus… actually why don’t you ask your wife, because she’s stood just behind you and I can see her over the top of your head. How we laughed and then ran away, as all good girls do. Tut, tut.

So one final thought: sometimes music really does reach the parts of you that you thought you had tucked away in some emotional backwater, deep inside. I listened to a song this week that’s due for release on an album in March. I think it’s truly remarkable: a soaring, poetic allegory set to music that circles and soars. And the effect? I cried for every single sadness in the last 12 months; that was some volume of tears, I must say. But in a world where so many over-share and document the minutiae of life, this is mine, and I’m not sharing; if your soul speaks in the same musical tongues as mine, you’ll find it all the same, somehow, somewhere, some time.

In-keeping with the Sound of Music theme, I thought I should depart with a few of my favourite bands, obviously of which there are too many to mention (darling) but here’s a selection. Thanks for reading – all four of you.

Fishy kisses,

Mrs Mackerel x


Download Hurray For The Riff Raff – Too Much Of A Good Thing mp3 (from Hurray For The Riff Raff)

Download The Low Anthem – This God Damn House mp3 (from What The Crow Brings)

Download Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down (from Greatest Hits)

dan mangan 1It’s been a year of two halves, metaphorically speaking, and Dan Mangan has had my ear for most of the second half. So there we were, Movie Mate and I, in Kings Cross on a Tuesday night, feeling like we’d slipped into some sort of Canadian enclave. Dan Mangan has the most remarkable baritone voice that cuts through to the rather bruised bit below my left ventricle like a knife through butter. He played every single song of his that I absolutely love, in a spectacularly long but brilliant set: from Oh Fortune to Robots, to Basket and About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help at All, and much, much glorious more. Another very late but memorable night of music: happy birthday, Movie Mate.

It’s amazing what sets you off. Late last Saturday MM tells me that there’s an Internet rumour that MON is about to resign. Cue inconsolable sobbing from me at fairly unprecedented levels. Further cue MM desperately back-tracking and attempting to disparage rumours. What can it all mean? Perhaps a small miracle tomorrow? Maybe not.

There was much sadness this week and some well-needed restoration on Thursday from Bingley D. Oh she knows me so well. Still, a search party has left searching for my sense of humour. They may be some time. On a slightly lighter note, the cat now resembles a furry space hopper and has twice tried to attack my empty hand, mistaking it for food. I may end up like Beryl Reid, being eaten alive by my pet cat(s) in a low budget horror production.


Mrs Mackerel x


Download Danielle Dax – Cat House mp3 (from Dark Adapted Eye)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (16th November).

Full vocal recovery is now complete, much to everyone’s evident delight…

Went gigging and giggling with Mr Nightshift last night to celebrate. We started off with a drink in a local Oxford hostelry that I hadn’t frequented since being thrown up against the wall outside by someone who wanted me to be “their girlfriend”. Should have just asked really. Or noted my then boyfriend waiting inside the pub. Anyway, after viewing the support band that sounded like a load of bad feedback (must be our age), we legged it to a different pub.

Huzzah: fairy lights and a seat. Another lime and soda for me and a pint for Mr Nightshift. Strangely, we had to step over a man lying in the recovery position on the floor of the bar, surrounded by punters thoughtfully stroking their chins. Must be a first aid course I said, in all seriousness. This amused Nightshift greatly, particularly when two burly policemen arrived. No first aid course (9.30 in a city centre pub – why ever not?), more drunk and disorderly. In fact, as I look round the pub, it turns out to be something of a heavy drinkers’ haven. We sup up quickly and leave to watch Gravenhurst at The Cellar. Beautiful heart felt songs. More beautiful once we’d moved away from the man with overpowering body odour and another who looked like Rolf Harris’s long lost brother and danced like an electric eel. Fussy I know, but I don’t do bad smells or shit dancing.

The rather fabulous line-up of Richard Hawley plus First Aid Kit plus King Charles beckons for next week. It’s just the logistics of getting us four gals from West Oxfordshire to East London by 7.30pm on a school night. Feeling my age this week. Pass me a shandy.

Happy Friday.

Mrs Mackerel x

I reckon young Dan Mangan and I could chew the fat quite companionably over a pint or two. Won’t you return to me. For my Ma.

And a little something from Gravenhurst. The Foundry is a popular 2012 tune amongst the MM contributors.

Download Dan Mangan – Basket mp3 (from Nice, Nice, Very Nice) Removed by request.


Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (7th September).

Well she doesn’t dribble anymore, but perhaps that will start again with the advancement of teenage years after one shandy too many – who knows?! Daughter sprat swam to big school this week with a song in her heart (one from King Charles, actually) and a spring in her step, in her hugely positive and wholly optimistic way. I miss her already.

Little Sprat and I are left to sing our way to school on our lonesome – “When I was a child/My mother said to me/You can’t spend all your days alone/In the shade of a cherry tree” – who else but his beloved Felice Brothers? The School Run Anthem contest is hotting up for 2012…

A busy weekend for me, and one in which I need to take the most enormous run-up to get through. Thus I write this at six, with gin and a gimlet, not Dumfries style, for I wish to make it through the evening. Tomorrow sees the last of my old gang celebrate the passing of a certain age, so I’m off to a hut in the middle of nowhere to mourn the passing of time in the much honoured fashion, with a lovely bunch who saw me through my formative years and whom I love dearly.

Following that late night, I shall swim across the water with tall Jenny Wren to spend the day at Bestival just to see Sigur Ros. All hail our devotion to the cause. Shame we couldn’t be better at booking the ferry as we must swim back in the middle of the night, grab two hours sleep before getting up for the school run. Bring on the Lavazza, I will be delirious, giggly and probably dribbly.

I smelled autumn in the air this week: fresh and sharp and Donne.

But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep

Mrs Mackerel x

PS Dan Mangan: now in the pocket of Mrs Mackerel faves. I suggest you put him in your pocket too.

Download Dan Mangan – Oh Fortune mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

Download The Felice Brothers – Lincoln Continental mp3 (from God Bless You Amigo)

Download King Charles – Love Lust mp3 (from Mississippi Isabel EP)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: December 2011.

Here is our final monthly Best Of mix of songs from 2011 – despite all the Christmas fayre on offer, there were still a whole plethora of cracking new tracks to enjoy, and as always we’ve gathered the best of our December posts into one lovely mix for you with a couple of new tracks to sample too. Don’t forget to check out all our previous monthly mixes in the sidebar on the left.

And off we go…

Download Horse’s Mouth – As I Climb mp3 (from Horse’s Mouth)

Opens with a plaintive vocal and soon develops into a classically harmonious folk-song with its gentle, repeated “Out of time” refrain and orchestrally tinged instrumentation.

Download Dan Mangan – Row Of Houses mp3 (from Oh Fortune)

A story told from the perspective of a character from folksinger Mangan’s favourite films, namely Gordie Lachance from Stand By Me.

Download Pop. 1280 – Bodies In The Dunes mp3 (from The Horror)

As raw and visceral as ever with their raw, junkyard freak-punk sound.

Download The Uncles – The Ballad Of Lehigh Valley mp3 (from M4W)

Taster from forthcoming sophomore album from expanded folk four-piece.

Download Sad Baby Wolf – Survival Guide mp3 (from 8th Level / Survival Guide)

Psychedelic, drone-rock inspired indie.

Download Palomino Drive – When We Were Only Friends mp3 (from Home EP)

Promising and softly strummed lo-fi folk.

Download Drunken Prayer – Always Sad mp3 (from Into The Missionfield)

Heavy on percussion, gut-bucket guitars are bluesy and psychedelic; the horn arrangements are loose and buoyant and best of all, the lyrics are as sweet as they are damning.

Download Ohioan – Sometimes mp3 (from Balls Deep In Babylon)

Mournful harmonica driven, down-at-heel traditional folk.

Download Terry Malts – Tumble Down mp3 (from Killing Time)

First taste of post-punk noiseniks new album Killing Time.

Download Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Just under three minutes of spiky garage-pop that is as catchy as anything they’ve ever done.

Download Dolfish – Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out mp3 (from Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out 7″)

Sad, bitter, humorous country song banged out in balls to the wall garage-rock fashion.

Download Waters – Stay Away mp3 (Nirvana Cover)

Helter-skelter cover of Nirvana’s Stay Away where the ramshackle intensity and angst of the original is joyously matched.

Download The Lower 48 – Into The Woods mp3 (from Where All Maps End)

Warm, organic folk with a good-natured acoustic strum.

Download Scott H. Biram – I Want My Mojo Back mp3 (from Bad Ingredients)

Classic one-man band blues and stomp holler.

Download Phantom Family Halo – White Hot Gun mp3 (from When I Fall Out)

Perfect mix of pummelling krautrock with raw, glam overtones.

Download Redanda – This Bed Is A Rock (via Soundcloud)

Bursting with a brashness and sneered vocals that has more attitude crammed into its two minutes and a few seconds of whiplash drumming and guitar that many bands manage in a career.


Download Simone Felice – New York Times (via Soundcloud)

Spellbinding new single from forthcoming solo album.


Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Seasonal Suite No. 62 (via Soundcloud)

A real treat for all those who for all those who love the gritty, raw, unconventional and downright bitter and bruised side of country music.


And the new…we have The XX with their demo of new track Open Eyes, the second single of sunburnt lo-fi pop from Inspired And The Sleep, a brand new slice of antiphonal guitar-gymnastics called Mortise And Tenon from London based math-punk trio Mayors Of Miyazaki and first on the list is another taste from Real Estate’s excellent album Days. Enjoy them all!


Download The XX – Open Eyes mp3 (Demo)

Download Inspired And The Sleep – Running mp3 (from Teenager)

Download Mayors Of Miyazaki – Mortise And Tenon mp3 (from Mortise And Tenon)

Dan Mangan: Free Download

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Folk, Indie, Music, Rock

Dan Mangan: Free Download. Dan Mangan was one of those artists we wish we’d managed  to catch at the End of the Road Festival this year and repeated listens to his recent album Oh Fortune  has only strengthened our opinion, so we are pleased to be able to give you a taste of the record in the form of free download Row Of Houses.

Apparently the song is told from the perspective of a character from one of his favourite films, namely Gordie Lachance from Stand By Me. It is still instantly recognisable through his gruff and ready vocals, but the sound is fuller and more fleshed out than previous efforts and it suits this record perfectly. It’s late autumn release may see it overlooked in the best of lists, but that would be a great shame – this is a record most definitely worth investigating.

Buy the album here.

Download Dan Mangan – Row Of Houses mp3 (from Oh Fortune)

Free End of the Road Festival Mix. Today Barry-Sean and I head off, pop up tents in tow, to the marvellous End of the Road festival in lovely Dorset. Once again sold out, last year’s inaugural trip turned into the best festival visit we’ve ever had, and we’re looking forward to more of the same over the next few days. Even the weather forecast is good!

Once again we have a huge number of superb bands scheduled to play and to follow our free Truck Festival Mix (RiP) and our Wilderness Festival Mix, here’s the third and final instalment – our free End of the Road Festival Mix. Enjoy.

Download Beirut – East Harlem mp3 (from The Rip Tide)

Download Joanna Newsom – Good Intentions Paving Company mp3 (from Have One On Me)

Download The Walkmen – Angela Surf City mp3 (from Lisbon)

Download Lykke Li – Get Some mp3 (from Get Some Single)

Download Phosphorescent – Are You Ready For The Country? mp3 (from Harvest Revisited, Mojo cover disc).

Download Phosphorescent – Mermaid Parade mp3 (from Here’s To Taking It Easy)

Download Okkervil River – Your Past Life As A Blast mp3 (from Your Past Life As A Blast 7″)

Download tUnE-yArDs – Bizness mp3 (from Insound March Digital Mixtape)

Download Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I) mp3 (from Sun Was High (So Was I) 7″)

Download The Black Angels – The First Vietnamese War mp3 (from Passover)

Download Micah P Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra – We Won’t Have to be Lonesome mp3 (from Micah P Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra)

Download Kurt Vile – Invisibility: Nonexistent mp3 (from Square Shells EP)

Download Caitlin Rose – Shotgun Wedding mp3 (from Dead Flowers EP)

Download Zola Jesus – Vessel mp3 (from Conatus)

Download The Fall – Hit The North Part 1 mp3 (from The Frenz Experiment)

Download The Fresh & Onlys – Be My Hooker mp3 (from Play It Strange)

Download Other Lives – For 12 mp3 (from Tamer Animals)

Download Darren Hanlon – Electric Skeleton mp3 (from Electric Skeleton 7″)

Download Dan Mangan – Road Regrets mp3 (from Nice, Nice Very Nice)

Download Timber Timbre – Trouble Comes Knocking mp3 (from Timber Timbre)

Download Bob Log III – Bumper Car mp3 (from My Shit Is Perfect)

Download The Woods – I’m Not Gone mp3 (from Welcome Home Diggin’ the Universe: A Woodsist Compilation)

Download The Wooden Shjips – Vampire Blues mp3 (from Vampire Blues / I Hear The Vibrations 7″)

Download Josh T Pearson – Woman When I’ve Raised Hell…(Alternative Version) mp3

Download This Frontier Needs Heroes – Firefly mp3 (from This Frontier Needs Heroes)

Download Megafaun – Carolina Days mp3 (from Heretofore)