Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (16th November)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (16th November).

Full vocal recovery is now complete, much to everyone’s evident delight…

Went gigging and giggling with Mr Nightshift last night to celebrate. We started off with a drink in a local Oxford hostelry that I hadn’t frequented since being thrown up against the wall outside by someone who wanted me to be “their girlfriend”. Should have just asked really. Or noted my then boyfriend waiting inside the pub. Anyway, after viewing the support band that sounded like a load of bad feedback (must be our age), we legged it to a different pub.

Huzzah: fairy lights and a seat. Another lime and soda for me and a pint for Mr Nightshift. Strangely, we had to step over a man lying in the recovery position on the floor of the bar, surrounded by punters thoughtfully stroking their chins. Must be a first aid course I said, in all seriousness. This amused Nightshift greatly, particularly when two burly policemen arrived. No first aid course (9.30 in a city centre pub – why ever not?), more drunk and disorderly. In fact, as I look round the pub, it turns out to be something of a heavy drinkers’ haven. We sup up quickly and leave to watch Gravenhurst at The Cellar. Beautiful heart felt songs. More beautiful once we’d moved away from the man with overpowering body odour and another who looked like Rolf Harris’s long lost brother and danced like an electric eel. Fussy I know, but I don’t do bad smells or shit dancing.

The rather fabulous line-up of Richard Hawley plus First Aid Kit plus King Charles beckons for next week. It’s just the logistics of getting us four gals from West Oxfordshire to East London by 7.30pm on a school night. Feeling my age this week. Pass me a shandy.

Happy Friday.

Mrs Mackerel x

I reckon young Dan Mangan and I could chew the fat quite companionably over a pint or two. Won’t you return to me. For my Ma.

And a little something from Gravenhurst. The Foundry is a popular 2012 tune amongst the MM contributors.

Download Dan Mangan – Basket mp3 (from Nice, Nice, Very Nice) Removed by request.


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