Mad Mackerel Recommends…Turner Cody

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Music

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Turner Cody.

We are very late to this one – it has sat unnoticed in our iTunes library since the middle of July. Shame on us.

Then by chance we discovered that back in 2006, James Toth (aka MM fave Wooden Wand) released a vinyl only edition of Cody’s Quarter Century/The Great Migration on his label Mad Monk. Just like that he leapt to the top of our ‘must listen’ pile.

Turns out Turner Cody is the modern folk-prince of the break-up song, embracing the genre from every angle whether it be romantic, realistic, uplifting, heartbroken or even downright bleak.

Apparently, Rules Of The Road is his first full solo and acoustic album and although some songs he had picked to play for this session are known from earlier recordings, they appear completely new and reveal a deeper quality in the sparse and quiet solo arrangements.

The album has been a limited tour CD release and is now widely available as a digital only release – it is a unheralded gem. You can get it from his Bandcamp page here and other releases of his by clicking here.

Alternatively try a couple of tracks on for size.

Download Turner Cody – Rules of the Road mp3 (from Rules of the Road)

Download Turner Cody – Hells Angels mp3 (from Rules of the Road)

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