Mad Mackerel Recommends…Black Forest Fire

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Black Forest Fire.

Some bands have stranger influences than others. Take  for instance, the Austin, Texas trio Black Forest Fire.

Among their influences, they cite:
 Enochian Vision Magic, The Transmutation of the Bioluminescent Frequencies from the Base Material of the Sublunar Plane into the Highest Vibrations of the Golden Halo Aura, The Transit of Venus, Flame Geometry, The Eternity of Dispair, Whiskey & Wine, The Psychotronic War for Domination of the Collective Unconscious, The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencruentz, Ghost Ships At Midnight, Starpower.

We have no idea what any of that means, but we guessed (correctly) that the music would be heavy, hypnotic, spacey and just as likely to melt your eyeballs under a sonic assault as take you meditatively to a higher plane. They are a perfect addition to Austin’s long and illustrious history of psychedelic weirdness so if you’ve ever found space in your iTunes for the Black Angels, Wooden Shjips or The Warlocks then Black Forest Fire are pretty much guaranteed to make your day.

Their debut, Transit of Venus, (what else?) will be released on Sedimental Records on the 13th November. ‘Til then, grab yourself the slow burning, pulsating maelstrom of Live News Feed.

Download Black Forest Fire – Live News Feed mp3 (from Transit Of Venus)

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