New Album From The Douglas Firs

New Album From The Douglas Firs.

Sometimes a band says all there needs to be said about a new release when they describe the inspiration for it, and in common with the latest album from another uniquely visioned indie fave Darren Hayman, the Douglas Firs new record, The Furious Sound, is loosely based around the East Lothian witch trials of 1590.

Seventy persons, mainly women, were tortured, tried and burned for their supposed involvement in witchcraft.

The record became an investigation into outsiders, madness, extreme internal states, physical degradation and the brevity of human life. Many parts of the record were improvised, inspired by the locations used. No fortuitous sounds leaking onto the tracks were excluded.

This Great Generation, Fortress, Black Forest, The Possessed, Backroads (the latest single – stream it below) and Eulogy were all recorded in South Leith Church, the parish of David Lindsay, who led the witch hunt on behalf of James I & IV.

Devils was recorded in the church at Old Kirk Green, North Berwick, from where the witches practised their sermons. It was also recorded from within the lower dungeons at Tantallon Castle, East Lothian where, in the latter days of religious persecution on those who performed witchcraft, women met for a similar purpose.

Vastations was recorded outdoors at Hawkhill Wood, Craigmillar, at night, at twilight.

Monument and Apologia were recorded outdoors in Blackford Hill forest.

Order a copy here.


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