Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (23rd November)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (23rd November).

Team Hawley set out in the Dooper on Wednesday evening amidst such heavy rain and flooding, an ark would have been more helpful. Sadly, Sweet Mrs Stanley (SMS) couldn’t make it so we were just a gang of three. The bloody British weather and traffic hindered the journey and we missed King Charles – cue much gnashing of teeth. First Aid Kit were Swedishly good and had come a long way since Nightshift and I had watched them struggle through a gig in front of a crowd of 30 at the Jericho Tavern, three plus years ago. Sublime melodies and much hair throwing tonight, they went down a storm playing all their hits from Lion’s Roar.

We welcomed the honeyed tones of Mr Hawley with big smiles. He was just as cool and fab as ever with his rocker quiff and 1960 Rickenbacker; the sound and tunes were a predominant nod to Standing at the Sky’s Edge, with a little skip back and forth through the past. Encored with a fantastic rendition of The Ocean that had the Ballsy Barrister swaying at the front post, we three left happy.

As a fish in need of coffee and chocolate to make the drive back, I went slightly nuts on a sugar/caffeine high. I could not shut up and arrived home in sleepy Charlbury still yabbering. Mainly to myself. I managed to shut up for long enough to get to sleep for a few hours at 3am, needing a large glass of red to “come down”. The rest of the week has been a bit of a car crash ever since. Remember kids, caffeine and sugar can mess you up. Best stick to mineral water and carrot sticks. As if.

Tomorrow sees the advent of Sprat 2’s 12th birthday. My gorgeous gal and I will enjoy the morning a deux. I can’t wait. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Mrs Mackerel x


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