(Yet Another) Round Up

Round Up Time Again - Part 2

Once again the in-box overfloweth with sounds to share (especially once we’d consigned all the crappy remixes and dancefloor bangers to the trash folder) – so delve in to this lucky thirteen smorgasbord of audio delights.

Inspired by the beautiful snowy winters and post-industrial landscape of Pittsburgh, PA, Arlo Aldo have created a new twist on American alt-folk, with mellow tempos and lilting harmonies layered on top of finger picked guitar and cathedral-like organ. New album Zelie will be released on the 5th February – recommended for fans of Low, Dirty Three, Wilco, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Magnolia Electric Company.


The Deadline Shakes have featured on MM a couple of times in the past and their latest single Boy is another excellent example of their blend of chiming countrified indie-rock and power-pop leanings – think Big Star trapped in a lift with the Beach Boys


Fire Records are releasing Bardo Pond’s 2006 release Ticket Crystals on vinyl for the first time (out 18th March). A classic of psychedelic space-rock – this is their version of the Beatles’ Cry Baby Cry from the record.

Download Bardo Pond – Cry Baby Cry mp3 (from Ticket Crystals)

Jack James is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Glasgow and has released a steady stream of albums through his Bandcamp website. His latest album, Is That The Rain On, much like previous endeavours, was recorded raw and as close to the first take as possible. This is Three Names from it, a brooding slice of dark folk (click through to download for free).


Named after his beloved golden retriever, Gracie began as the alter ego of one-man electronic garage rocker Andrew Theodore Balasia. Gracie’s songs range between sexy and meditative and capture the familiar dichotomy of joy tiptoeing with fucked-up-ness. Click through to download the gritty swagger of lead single Habits from his third EP Bleeder out on Small Plates on 12th March.


Toronto’s Wildlife deal in elaborate, hook-laden indie rock and Born To Ruin is the first single from forthcoming album …On The Heart (Feb 26th).


The soulful Up Against The Wall is the first single from Fiction Family’s new album Fiction Family Reunion, which sees a release today on Rock Ridge Music. It is a masterclass in idiosyncratic folk flavour, classic pop arrangements, and expertly etched songcraft.


Farewell JR’s debut EP Health will be released on 11th March via Talking Shop Records. A collection of emotive songs that grow from sparse guitar picked melodies that recall early days Bon Iver, through to grand melodies and orchestral arrangements more reminiscent of Arcade Fire. Grab yourself Night Wolves from the EP.


The Bad Joke That Ended Well’s self titled album is the first release on Stolen Body Records –  a fierce excursion in to the world of psych-blues and rock, it can be downloaded via Bandcamp for free or a physical copy purchased for £10. Try the full blown garage-punk carnage of I’m Not There.


Sukh is a young folk tinged singer songwriter from Manchester. A doctor by day, he avoids the moroseness beloved by the majority and instead offers a jaunty brand of chamber folk – every bit as warm, charming and graceful as the works akin to Sufjan / Cat Stevens, with an upbeat tempo. Have a listen to Kings.


Any band description that starts “Imagine the Bee Gees if they were really poor and on crack…” gets our interest, and Rohypnotise deliver in spades with their brand of reverby dream-pop that abounds on debut double A side single Fade To Grey / Gamma Rays.


Jagjaguwar will release the second full-length studio album by Wolf People, Fain, on April 30th (29th in the UK). The album draws on more traditional English and Scottish folk melodies than anything they’ve done before, but not straying from the drop-out fuzz-rock route they’ve made their own.


Laura Stevenson & The Cans will release new album Wheel on the 23rd April. First taste comes with Runner, appropriately enough a galloping, breathless slice of folk-pop.

2 thoughts on “(Yet Another) Round Up

  1. I like the Jack James track – so much so I bought his 3 previous albums – looking forward to spending some time with them.

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