Tuesday Means Eight Of The Best

Tuesday Means Eight of the Best!

Our in-box has grown to ridiculous proportions, it fair creaks and bulges with good music and we are desperately trying to keep up with the flow. Time then for eight of the best to come our, and now your, way.

First up, we have East India Youth who caught our ears on 6 Music yesterday with Heaven, How Long their brilliant new single of krautrock inspired electro that builds into one almighty and incendiary coda. Highly recommended.


Second, the curiously named Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is actually one Aly Spaltro. The vicious guitar that underpins the alternating six minutes of regret, anger, bitterness and dismissal of Bird Balloons is truly something to behold. Her album Ripely Pine is released today on the excellent Ba Da Bing label – order it here.


Third is the welcome return of Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker and the Freaks who will release a new album How Far Away via Woodsist in May. First taste is the jangly folk rock of Don’t Look Down.


Fourth, sticking with the jangle, but with added ominous sonic undertones, Pure X’s single Things in My Head is a tasty first sample of forthcoming album Crawling Up The Stairs. Order here.


Fifthly we have the thoroughly buzzworthy and much hyped Haim who have great things expected of them in 2013. This is Falling and we have to say the girls look like they might be up for the fight, big on harmonies and handclaps it is a perfectly judged piece of pop music.


Sixth are the wonderful Futurebirds and a first taste from their forthcoming second album Baba Yaga. The near-six minute pedal steel washed, country tinged Virgina Slims is a pure, unadulterated joy of southern fried rock.

Download The Futurebirds – Virginia Slims mp3 (from Baba Yaga)

Seventh is the return of the prolific Thee Oh Sees and here they offer up a more subdued (though still dark and brooding) take on their frenzied garage-psych with the closing track Minotaur from forthcoming new release Floating Coffin.

Download Thee Oh Sees – Minotaur mp3 (from Floating Coffin)

Eighth and last (and offering stark contrast to everything else in this post) is EULA, a scrappy, confrontational three-piece punk band from Brooklyn. Evoking early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and PJ Harvey at her most venomous, their single I Collapse is a sonically seething mass of coiled aggression punctuated by fearsome wails, howls and shrieks. Check it out together with equally explosive b-side Little Hearts.

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