Videos of the Day: Scarlett Parade || Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer || Valerie June || Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Acoustic, Americana, Blues, Country, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock, Rockabilly, Soul
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Videos of the Day

Videos to enjoy today come from Scarlett Parade and their acoustic version of the achingly beautiful Call The Waves, (then click through on the Soundcloud link to grab a download of the equally good March of the Fallen). We have rootsy Americana from Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer with a video for a stunning live version of their standout track Serotiny (May Our Music), then there is the video for Valerie June’s brilliant new single You Can’t Be Told, which is another insight into her world of beautiful vintage country, gospel and powerful delta blues. Lastly, in a similar vein, we have the video for Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside’s Party Kids, a retro swagger through rockabilly tinged rhythms and classic garage soul.




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