Wooden Wand Tour And New Free Download

Wooden Wand Tour & Free Download

Wooden Wand has already released the brilliant Blood Oaths of the New Blues this year and the even better news is James Jackson Toth will be hitting the the road with the musicians with whom he created the record (and who had also joined him previously for the superb Briarwood LP) for a European tour in April. The band is made up of David Hickox, Janet Elizabeth Simpson, Jody Nelson and Brad Davis, with harmonium, organ and disembodied vocals being the order of the day.

They have also made one (of the many standouts) from the record, Dungeons Of Irons, available for free.

New Album From Wooden Wand (Mad Mackerel Rejoices).James Jackson Toth says this about the song: “Dungeon Of Irons was inspired directly by the book Last Words Of The Executed, edited by Robert K Elder. The book collects the last words of people executed by the state, from the Salem witch trails to the present day, and the quotes range from the very funny (really!) to the very poignant. A lot of the lyrics in the song are taken directly from those last words. You can call it an anti-death penalty song if you like, but I tried to keep it as non-judgmental as possible and focus on the illogical and archaic concept of ‘eye for an eye’ vengeance in general. In the great tradition of rock and roll, I’ve opted not to formally credit any of the dead people I’ve ‘borrowed’ lyrics from – ha ha ha. Seriously though, check out the book – it’s terrific.”

Order the album here. Once you have done that, you can also order Last Words Of The Executed from Amazon here.


I’m not sure how many readers from France, Belgium or Germany we get, but if you’re one of the few, go to one of these shows! We’ll be at the London show and there will be also be a show down by the sea in Falmouth – imagine how great that will be!

European Tour Dates:
17 April – FR, Nantes, WEEKEND SINGULIER
18 April – FR, Brest, Rennes, Orleans
19 April – DE, Koln, KING GEORG
20 April – DE, Essen, ZECHE CARL
21 April – BE, Brussels, ANCIENNE BELGIQUE
22 April – FR, Paris, POINT EPHEMERE
24 April – UK, Hebden Bridge – Trades Club
25 April – UK, Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
26 April – UK, London – Water Rats
27 April – UK, Falmouth – Beerwolf
28 April – UK, Brighton – The Hope
(more shows to be announced!)

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