Mad Mackerel Recommends… Rose Windows

Mad Mackerel Recommends... Rose Windows

The Sun Dogs is the title of the new album from Rose Windows.

It is a brilliant blend of the past and the present to create something that overflows with imagination and new ideas. Influences range from the mystic shamanism of The Doors, to heavy Sabbath style riffs, the traditional sounds of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, classic folk and pedal steel, prog rock and plenty more besides. This magpie-like approach could (possibly should) so easily have been a disaster, but instead has been so expertly woven together that this septet have created one of the strongest records we’ve heard all year.

Grab yourself the six minute exotic distortion of Native Dreams, then listen to the devil at the crossroads tale of Walkin’ With A Woman, and finish with the graceful, gentle pedal steel and folk guitars of Season Of Serpents.

Highly recommended. Order from Sub Pop Records here.

Download Rose Windows – Native Dreams mp3 (from The Sun Dogs)

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