Mad Mackerel Loves The Lunchtime Sardine Club

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Folk, Indie, Music, Psychedelic

Mackerel Loves The Lunchtime Sardine Club

Mackerel love sardines, and so it seemed entirely fitting that we should become so taken with the lo-fi, psychedelic-tinged folk of The Lunchtime Sardine Club (aka Oliver Newton).

This track, I’m… Jesuschristmaam, which draws understandable comparisons with artists such as Sufjan Stevensis taken from forthcoming album Icecapades, which sees a release on August 12th, via the Sonic Anhedonic Recording Co label.

The album is a wonderfully unique collection of story vignettes. Vignettes that cover some rather more unusual and mysterious topics than is often the norm – the death of a boxer, the sleepy sickness epidemic of the 1920s (told in an appropriately soporific way), the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers, an old woman’s embalming and murderous distortion.

Sometimes fragile, sometimes downcast, sometimes surreal, it is a collection where the rewards become greater with every listen. But frankly, it all sounds great to us, as does the taster track. Have a listen yourself.

Bonus Download:

Here is another track, the first single, Rumours taken from Sonic Anhedonic’s current free label sampler.


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