New Young Knives Track

New Young Knives Track

We have had a taste already from the Young Knives forthcoming album Sick Octave, which sees a release on November 4th following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Here is another, and Something Awful would seem to confirm that the three piece have gleefully taken a sharp left to deliver something darker and more industrial than anything they have done before.

The band say of the song, “Something Awful is a mix of all different musical styles that we like. It’s got bits from Silver Apples, Bowie, Major Lazer, Led Zeppelin all mixed together. My grandpa’s Alzheimer’s inspired the lyrics, but I used that real experience to inform something more vaguely about metamorphosis. It’s also about changing into some kind of super killer monster.”

Have a listen.

One thought on “New Young Knives Track

  1. Another great track from The Young Knives, one of the most consistent bands of the past 10+ years, really looking forward to the new album.

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