Videos of the Day: Public Service Broadcasting || The Visibles || Whales In Cubicles || Wolf Alice

Videos of the Day

Videos to enjoy today from Public Service Broadcasting, The Visibles, Whales In Cubicles and Wolf Alice.

Public Service Broadcasting’s Night Mail takes its subject matter from the eponymous film of 1936, a pioneering documentary film produced by the General Post Office and the Royal Mail Group. Setting the original words of the documentary – including the much loved Night Mail poem – to a song that evokes the rhythm, speed and excitement of the railway in the era of the steam train.

Psychedelic images paired with nostalgia, or as San Francisco’s The Visibles like to jokingly call it “Nostalgiadelic“, was the inspiration behind their new self-made video for Marigolds – their latest single of psych influenced retro pop.

We also have the video for Whales In Cubicles new single Wax & Feathers and lastly for today, we have Wolf Alice’s video for She – the first of two of a continuing narrative, with a second video set for release in the very near future. Mimicking the track’s tumultuous, turbulent dynamics, the narrative follows a volatile young man as he lustfully and lovingly pursues his latest acquaintance. But as he is rapidly saturated in her life, it quickly becomes clear that his intentions are not as straightforward as they seem…





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