Introducing >>> Gorgeous Bully

Introducing Gorgeous Bully

Gorgeous Bully (the moniker of musician Thomas Crang) crafts self aware, self inflicted ditties celebrating misery, loneliness and self-loathing, and all perfectly molded into three minute grungey pop songs that celebrate the freedom of not doing what is expected of you.

His latest release, this time with a full band, is a four track EP called Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself and see a release on the always excellent Art Is Hard label.

The EP is set to be released on January 6th on cassette, in a hand-stamped box that contains a lyric sheet, badges, a bottle opener/lighter, a download code for an MP3 version as well as a further secret EP. You can order it here or a digital download from Bandcamp here.

In the meantime, listen/download the brilliant Sinking Feeling below.

[Click through for free download]


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