Devin James Fry – Headwater Songs

Devin James Fry - Headwater Songs

Headwater Songs is the solo album from Devin James Fry – a regular contributor to many MM playlists through his work with Salesman and Lord Buffalo.

Headwater Songs is a psychedelic country and clawhammer guitar reflection on the fires and flooding that tore through the Arkansas River Headwaters region of Colorado during the summer of 2013. Neighbours who banded together to cut fire breaks in June sorted flooded rubble in August. Fry recorded Headwater in one take under a full November moon in Austin, Texas.

Over the course of nine tracks, the album delivers an outstanding mix of sparse country ballads, dusty desert folk and psychedelic lullabies that recall the best of Willie Nelson, Giant Sand and Mercury Rev.

Check out the chiming guitars and compelling harmonies of album opener After The Royal Gorge Fire, which was written the night the 3,200-acre blaze burned closest to Fry’s home town of Canon City, CO. The song is a tribute to Fry’s family, and to his childhood friend, wildland firefighter Eric Andrew Smith, who found himself assigned to defend the very town that raised him.

This one comes highly recommended – buy the album from Bandcamp here.

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