Mad Mackerel’s Monday Round Up

New Release Round Up.

Having got back from discovering some of the many delights of Denmark, there were a few songs to catch up on and share. So starting the week with a round-up of ten fine tunes seemed the right way to go…

We have just discovered the excellent Cornish sisters Hockeysmith, offering an alluring mix of woozy noise-pop, claustrophobic psychedelic and even a hint of menacing, pulsating disco. Put it altogether and the result, But Blood, the first track from their debut EP is nothing short of brilliant.


The Black Lips are always pretty much nailed on certs to deliver, and they don’t disappoint with the latest track, Justice After All, from forthcoming new long-player Underneath The Rainbow.


Well Hung Heart will soon release the follow-up to last year’s excellent Young Enough To Know It All with their new album Go Forth And Multiply. If the evidence of Black Lightning is anything to go by, they have ratcheted up the punk-blues howl quota significantly…


Nick Saxon is a new name to us, but the western twang and rumble of Burn is an absolute delight.


We have another track from the brilliant You Be My Heart compilation (see our other posts here). Put together by songwriter Devon Reed, this time it is Maps & Atlases performing Reed’s She’s Like A Hologram.


We posted about the languid, trippy psychedelia of Southend-on-Sea’s Velvet Morning back in December, but since the CD of their forthcoming excellent EP Velvet Moon dropped through the letterbox and it is officially released today, it seemed churlish not to post another track, so here is the hazy, somnambulistic Octo City.


James Leg will release a new solo album in May via Alive Naturalsound Records and it will include this heavier-than-heavy, slow blues jam of Nina Simone’s Oh, Sinner Man.


The wonderful Cate Le Bon is giving away a previously unreleased, new track He’s Leaving, which sounds like it was waiting to be discovered on a previously unheard Velvet Underground album.


We also posted about the brash energy and righteous anger of Darlia towards the end of 2013. The band will release their new EP Candyman at the end of March. Take a listen to the fizzing guitar of the title track.


And lastly for now we have DZ Deathrays’ scorching Gina Works At Hearts, the latest single to be taken from their forthcoming album Black Rat (pre-order here).


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