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James Leg (aka John Wesley Myers of the Black Diamond Heavies) is set to release his second proper solo album, Below The Belt, later this summer. It is more blisteringly fierce and sleazy blues distinguished by his trademark gruff howl, mixed with equal measures of bourbon, butane and nicotine.

On his new album, the ghosts of Leg’s past haunt these ten tracks. From the rafter-raising gospel cover of Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s Up Above My Head, to the menacing rocker of opening track Dirty South, the bluesy swagger of Drink It Away and an in-the-red cover of The Dirtbombs’ burning garage-rock stomper Can’t Stop Thinking About It, there’s even a devilish re-working of The Cure’s A Forest.

Stream Up Above My Head here.

New Release Round Up.

Having got back from discovering some of the many delights of Denmark, there were a few songs to catch up on and share. So starting the week with a round-up of ten fine tunes seemed the right way to go…

We have just discovered the excellent Cornish sisters Hockeysmith, offering an alluring mix of woozy noise-pop, claustrophobic psychedelic and even a hint of menacing, pulsating disco. Put it altogether and the result, But Blood, the first track from their debut EP is nothing short of brilliant.


The Black Lips are always pretty much nailed on certs to deliver, and they don’t disappoint with the latest track, Justice After All, from forthcoming new long-player Underneath The Rainbow.


Well Hung Heart will soon release the follow-up to last year’s excellent Young Enough To Know It All with their new album Go Forth And Multiply. If the evidence of Black Lightning is anything to go by, they have ratcheted up the punk-blues howl quota significantly…


Nick Saxon is a new name to us, but the western twang and rumble of Burn is an absolute delight.


We have another track from the brilliant You Be My Heart compilation (see our other posts here). Put together by songwriter Devon Reed, this time it is Maps & Atlases performing Reed’s She’s Like A Hologram.


We posted about the languid, trippy psychedelia of Southend-on-Sea’s Velvet Morning back in December, but since the CD of their forthcoming excellent EP Velvet Moon dropped through the letterbox and it is officially released today, it seemed churlish not to post another track, so here is the hazy, somnambulistic Octo City.


James Leg will release a new solo album in May via Alive Naturalsound Records and it will include this heavier-than-heavy, slow blues jam of Nina Simone’s Oh, Sinner Man.


The wonderful Cate Le Bon is giving away a previously unreleased, new track He’s Leaving, which sounds like it was waiting to be discovered on a previously unheard Velvet Underground album.


We also posted about the brash energy and righteous anger of Darlia towards the end of 2013. The band will release their new EP Candyman at the end of March. Take a listen to the fizzing guitar of the title track.


And lastly for now we have DZ Deathrays’ scorching Gina Works At Hearts, the latest single to be taken from their forthcoming album Black Rat (pre-order here).


MM Shorts 49: More From James Leg. Punk-blues-rock trashman James Leg of The Black Diamond Heavies will be closing out 2011 with a series of live dates – to mark the tour he has made another track from his excellent solo album Solitary Pleasure available for free download.

Get the tour dates from his Facebook page here.

Download James Leg – Do How You Wanna mp3 (from Solitary Pleasure)

Download James Leg – Drowning In Fire mp3 (from Solitary Pleasure)

Another bonanza month. Another round up of the very best tracks we posted in March. Another selection of new tunes to get your teeth into too.

So without further ado…

Download White Denim – Drug mp3 (from D)

First taste of rockers new album. Bodes well. Very well.

Download The Everymen – Ballad Of Sarin mp3 (from Hello, Nice Evening. We Are The Everymen)

Cocksure but not arrogant, intense without being overwhelming, and high on the sleaze factor as the shredded vocals of Sarin McHugh gleefully sit astride pounding drums and thunderous guitars.

Download Strand Of Oaks – Wolves mp3 (Phosphorescent Cover via Folkadelphia Session)

Cover song heaven?  (MM faves) Strand of Oaks covering the sublime Wolves by (MM faves) Phosphorescent.

Download The Rural Alberta Advantage – North Star mp3 (from Departing)

A perfectly pitched tale of longing and desperation.

Download Widowspeak – Harsh Realm mp3 (from Harsh Realm 7″)

A nicely hazy, dreamy pop nugget that makes those Mazzy Star comparisons completely understandable.

Download Tyburn Saints – You’ve Gone Stray mp3 (from For The Benefit Of Strangers)

The theme tune to a slasher film written by Nick Cave? It could well be the sexiest serial killer based love song ever written.

Download Cult of Youth – New West mp3 (from Cult of Youth)

The dramatically deep baritone of vocalist Sean Ragon is enough to create a palpable sense of menace and foreboding which we’re quite fond of here at MM.

Download Obits – Shift Operator mp3 (from Moody, Standard and Poor)

Surf influenced, stripped back, garage rock.

Download The Owsley Brothers – Under The Shade Of A Live Oak mp3 (from Separated At Birth)

A slow, pulsing blues riff and a plaintive vocal combine perfectly to give us a song so authentic that it sounds like it was made to be sung in the cottonfields and on backwoods porches throughout the South.

Download The Diamond Center – Caraway mp3 (from Caraway 7″)

A haunting, echoing melancholy feel that spreads over almost six and a half pulsing minutes and somehow manages to soothe and surprise in equal measure.

Download Generationals – Ten-Twenty-Ten mp3 (from Actor-Caster)

Hands down the catchiest slice of indie-rock we’ve posted in a good long while.

Download Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts – Revenge of The Extra From Zulu mp3 (from How Snakes Eat)

Fragile folk gem married to caustic lyrical venom. Result: a winner.

Download Alela Diane – To Begin mp3 (from Alela Diane & Wild Devine)

Bold and self-assured with more of a countrified twang than her usual sparser, pastoral folk feel.

Download The Lumerians – Gaussian Castles mp3 (from Transmalinnia)

Meditative drones, murky ritualistic rhythms, and layered vocals populate and abound. Dive in!

Download Josh T Pearson – Woman When I’ve Raised Hell…(Alternative Version) mp3

Seven heart wrenching minutes of the most despairing ballad in a long, long time documenting the relentless pain and suffering caused when a relationship passes from failing to broken.

Download The Donkeys – Don’t Know Who We Are mp3 (from Born With Stripes)

A perfect slice of twangy relaxed sunshine rock.

Download Dead Gaze – Fishing With Robert mp3 (from Dead Gaze 7″)

A marvellous combination of fuzzy vocal dischord over a folkish guitar strum, and a side order of New Order poppiness.

Download Erland & The Carnival – Nightingale mp3 (from Nightingale)

The reinventing of old folklore into sinister modern day fairytales.

Download Arborea – Careless Love mp3 (from Red Planet)

Mixing folk, some floating, spacey drone and minimalist percussion with Shanti Curran’s gorgeous vocals to mesmerising effect, the spine tingling results are stark, but beautifully compelling.

Download Paleo – In The Movies mp3 (from Fruit Of The Spirit)

Two minutes of indie folk perfection with a melody so catchy you’ll be humming it for days.

Download James Leg – Drowning In Fire mp3 (from Solitary Pleasure)

Imagine if the Black Keys sold their souls to the devil – they’d probably end up playing like this.

Download Twilight Hotel – Mahogany Veneer mp3 (from When The Wolves Go Blind)

A brilliant combination of alt-country and spaghetti-western desert twang that moves languidly to conclusion via poignant, scalpel sharp lyrics.

Download Bill Callahan – Baby’s Breath mp3 (from Apocalypse)

First taste from new album. More classic singer-songwriting!

Download Thurston Moore – Benediction mp3 (from Demolished Thoughts)

Personal and slightly brooding piece of work from the quieter, more introspective end of his musical spectrum.

Download Psychedelic Horseshit – French Countryside mp3 (from Laced)

Bustling, uptempo, hook-laden, melted outsider pop song.

Download Marissa Nadler – Baby I Will Leave You In The Morning mp3 (from Marissa Nadler)

Ethereal songwriting, rich with imagery and beautiful textures.

Download Fucked Up! – The Other Shoe mp3 (from David Comes To Life)

Punk rockers find a mellower more introverted side.

Download The Limianas – AF3548 mp3 (from AF3548 7″)

More authentic garage rock’n’roll done to perfection.

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Heaven Was A Glass Of Wine mp3 (Merle Haggard Cover from Snowed In Sessions EP)

Gorgeously cracked and bleeding version of Merle Haggard’s despairing original.

Download James Irwin – Blue Dust mp3 (from Blue Dust Digital Single)

A fine example of indie-folk of the very best kind.

Download The Builders & The Butchers – Rotten To The Core mp3 (from Dead Reckoning)

Calls to mind the blood and thunder preachers in dusty pulpits, the hellfires and the brimstone, and the intense fury of both the righteous and the scorned.

Download Brown Bird – Bilgewater mp3 (from The Sound of Ghosts EP)

A mix of sparse, haunted folk, outlaw country and gypsy riot!

And to finish off, here is another Strand of Oaks cover, this time of Joe Pug’s wonderful Hymn 101, a rare remix (for us anyway) of Moon Duo, a wonderful new band in the shape of rootsy trio Cowboy And Indian, the title track from blistering blues-rock duo White Mystery’s new album Blood & Venom and in the krautrock rhythms and pyschedelia of Echo Lady, probably Wet Hair’s finest release to date.

Download Strand Of Oaks – Hymn 101 mp3 (Joe Pug cover)

Download Moon Duo – In The Sun (Purling Hiss Remix) mp3

Download Cowboy And Indian – Ledbellies (Hurt My Pride) mp3 (from Cowboy And Indian)

Download White Mystery – Blood & Venom mp3 (from Blood & Venom)

Download Wet Hair – Echo Lady mp3 (from In Vogue Spirit)

James Leg (aka John Wesley Myers), growler, shouter, composer, and Fender Rhodes finger-fucker, of the Black Diamond Heavies, steps out with some friends for more songs of hedonistic excess, crazy-ass women and Southern salvation.

On new solo album Solitary Pleasure he is joined by longtime friend Andy Jody on drums and if the slow burn of blistering taster track Drowning In Fire is anything to go by then we’re in for a treat. Imagine if the Black Keys sold their souls to the devil – they’d probably end up playing like this.

Rock and Soul all night long.

The record is released on 5th April via Alive Records.

Download James Leg – Drowning In Fire mp3 (from Solitary Pleasure)