WIAIWYA-7777777 Singles Club

WIAIWYA-7777777 Singles Club

Now in its third year, wiaiwya-7777777 is a seven inch singles club, and a very ambitious seven inch singles club at that – it is a celebration of the format and all things seven…

Subscribers to wiaiwya-7777777 2014 will get seven picture discs (released on the 7th of the month) that together form a fully illustrated seven step guide to releasing your own records – the world’s first all vinyl self help guide, if you will…

The releases will be from Freschard (with the Wave Pictures), Trick Mammoth, the Leaf Library, the School, the Secret History, the Human Hearts, and Eagleowl.

We have a couple for you to listen to – both are absolutely brilliant, and completely different. Try the hypnotic, krautrock disco of the Leaf Library, which is reminiscent of Stereolab at their best, and the halting, gossamer fragility of Clemence Freschard featuring the Wave Pictures with And The Rain, which kicks of the 2014 series.

Get more info here.


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